Mehnaz Sharna

M. S. Student

Mehnaz Sharna received her BS Degree in 2018 from Aeronautical Engineering Department at Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST), Bangladesh. Her research interest includes Nonlinear control systems, Robotics, Human Robot Interaction and Autonomous systems. Her undergrad thesis was on Fault Tolerant Control System during flying condition of an aircraft. She has published one journal on image processing which is related with moving target detection. After graduation in 2018, she started working as a Teaching Assistant in Military Institute of Science and Technology up to 2019. After that, she was promoted as Lecturer and served up to 2020 in Military Institute of Science and Technology. Now, she is working as Graduate Research Assistant for his Master’s studies in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, Oklahoma State University. Currently, she is working under Dr. Kamalapurkar in the Systems, Cognition, and Control Laboratory with research focuses on pilot modeling, gust aware navigation for the UAVs using nonlinear Optimal Control.

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