Zach Morrison

M. S. Student

Zach Morrison graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Oklahoma State University in 2020. He enjoys the design and analysis of UAS, particularly he has worked on the analysis of an unmanned stratospheric glider for his senior design project. They designed a simulation for a glider descent from 100k feet in the atmosphere. For this project he researched and developed a model for the drag experienced by the UAS. He has also worked on the NASA PSTAR project, wherein they conducted proof of concept tests for high altitude solar balloons for use in earthquake monitoring. The goal of the PSTAR project is to deploy a solar balloon on Venus to monitor venusquakes. He has a passion for mathematics, particularly abstract algebra and its divisions such as group theory. I have published a journal article with the Experimental Flow Physics Lab and Dr. Jamey Jacob titled "Wind Speed Statistics from a Small UAS and Its Sensitivity to Sensor Location."

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